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Disability Insurance Lawyer Denver, Disability Benefits Denials Attorneys Colorado


You may have purchased a disability insurance policy to protect your future. You have done your part by paying the premiums, but now your circumstances have forced you to make a claim, the insurance company is denying your claim stating one of many reasons. The disability insurance company is claiming that you are not disabled or that you have missed a deadline in the filing. WE CAN HELP.

We know that many insurance companies do not pay these benefits when you deserve them. Disability insurance companies try to find ways to say that you are not really disabled, and even may retain doctors from one of their lists who will agree that you are not disabled.

If your long term disability insurance company denies your disability benefits, please give us a call, and we will go over your medical condition, your disability policy, the denial you received form your insurance company and work with you to receive the money that you are entitled to receive. Disability Insurance Colorado Attorney are highly knowledgeable in the ways that insurance companies use to keep from paying you, and we know how to present a winning case for you.

Short and long term disability insurance is a very specialized area of law, and one that you should entrust only to a person familiar with the specialized legislation and case law that applies to these claims. If your employer provided the long term disability insurance policy to you as an employment benefit, your claim will most often be governed by the federal law known as ERISA. Under this statute, you do not present evidence in court, for the most part, and your submission to the insurance company is critically important. We can help to properly document your file in case a court has to review YOUR file. If you wait too long, the file will be closed, and you may not be able to present the proper evidence to support your claim.

Our attorneys are here to help you so that you will not be overwhelmed by the process of applying for benefits, and appealing adverse rulings by the insurance company. Harding & Associates lawyers help by taking over the difficult and often frustrating process for you, and make certain that the presentation of your claims to the disability insurance company is done correctly for you.